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Winter Golfing Practice Tip - Hone a Better Mental Game With This Off Season Tip For Duffers

The winter is approaching and that means less time on the golf course and range. It might even mean no golf at all in your part of the world. That means a long layoff without even touching a club until warm weather returns. As a result our golf game becomes rusty or worse. We have to spend a lot of time and effort knocking that rust off and honing our game to up to our expectations.

Wouldn't it be great if we could actually take advantage of the off season to improve our golf game? How much better could you become if your skills improved during the winter instead of eroding? This is the second in a series of articles on off season practice tips. Here is a wintertime mental tip that will help you maintain or improve your golf game.

The Mental Game

Don't ignore the mental game. It is more important to our success on the course than most of us realize. The mental game is one of the most if not the single most challenging aspect of the game of golf for most of us. Too often we get in own way. We over think, under think and forget to think. We remember what we shouldn't and forget what we should. We make the game harder than it needs to be.

Use the winter to learn and practice mental techniques and exercises designed to improve your mental performance on the golf course. We can get mentally off track after a poor swing; a fellow player can get in our heads or even when we're playing better than usual. Pressure to perform well, fear of failure and fear of success all cause mental mistakes that show up in every aspect of the game. Your full swing, short game and putting will all suffer if you can't handle the pressure to perform.

Books, videos and audio products are available from various mental game coaches to provide you with what you need to be a better, more effective player. Search for recommendations and reviews to help you in the decision making process. But do take action and find the right mental training techniques this off season to help you overcome the effects of pressure.

One method I use to work on my course management skills during the winter is a video game. I play Tiger Woods Golf on my Wii system. The video game forces me to plan my way around the course, pick out target landing areas, study the greens prior to the approach shot and of course for putting as well. All of that strategic planning translates to improved course management in the real world for me. Probably would for you too.

Once you return to competitive golf next spring you'll have the mental game to reach that next level. The winter and its long layoff can cause all kinds of trouble for our golf game when spring arrives. Use this tip to keep your mental gamed honed to razor blade sharpness through the winter. You love what it does for your game come spring.

Why not take charge of your golf mental game? Dooley says, "Train your mind just as you train your body to develop a better golf game."

Wayne Hudler is an avid golfer of over 30 years and golf writer. Dooley Duffer Golf is devoted to helping ordinary golfers (duffers) improve. Are you a duffer? Visit Dooley Duffer Golf where you will find real help for your golf game. Learn more at: Dooley Duffer Golf.

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