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The Mental Game of Golf Can Improve Your Golf Game

There is a lot of information available on how to improve your golf game and what you need to do. Maybe you have been convinced by advertisers that you really need that $500 driver or those expensive golf balls. If so, have they made a significant improvement with your game?

You have to stop believing in the myths that the big advertisers force down your throat. A great golf game is not only about having a perfect golf swing or using the most technologically advanced golf equipment.

The recreational golfer can sometimes benefit from learning from a good golf swing guide book or by using a specific golf training aid to cure a niggling golf swing fault. At my golf review blog, I have even recommended a few of these guides and products because they can help you with your golf swing. But to get the whole picture of what is needed to dramatically improve, you need to learn the mental game of golf.

Firstly though, in order to dismiss the myths that you can buy a great golf game, let us have a look at the facts:

25% of golfers back in the 1970's managed to break 90 and a smaller number could post scores in the 70's. 30 years have passed and we can now use over-sized drivers with larger and more forgiving sweet spots, wide sole and cavity back irons, and golf balls with 4 piece construction. So, how many golfers can today break 90? Well, from 25%, we have gone all the way up to 28%!

It has been estimated that 90 billion has been spent by the golf equipment industry on new technology and ad spend since the late 70's. So the golf industry should be contented to know that a further 3% of golfers have managed to break 90! Not included in those billions are the huge outlay of capital spent on the development of golf training aids and golf instructional products.

So what is the missing ingredient that can promote the quickest and most lasting change in any golfer's game? The mental game of golf or the inner game of golf is the key to improvement. Interestingly, this is the only area that doesn't cost a penny to use, however hardly anyone uses it.

The mental game is using your brain in a calculated, focused and methodical manner and is the surest method to golf improvement and lower scores. It is in fact a large subject and to understand the mental game of golf you need to gain knowledge of things like:

-Gaining confidence in yourself and your game

-Using your imagination to win

-Controlling your attention

-Find your game and play within it

-Curing anxiety and golf nerves

-Eliminating anger from your game

-Eliminate anger from your game

You should by now be thinking about using the mental game of golf in your game; if you understand the significance of it. The top 5% of golfers understand and use the inner game of golf and that is what separates them from us. These top players know all about how to enter the "Zone" by using advanced visualization techniques that improve every area of their game, powerful goal setting processes, and mental imagery processes.

There is no doubt that golf is an intricate game and so there are many areas that you need to perfect and work on. The first thing you need to use is the right (not the most expensive) golf equipment for your game. You can then practice and improve your golf swing technique, and maybe work on your golf fitness training. But if you truly want to take your golf game to the next level and break 90 or even 70, you need to master the mental game of golf.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level and quickly lower your scores? Then visit Mick's golf blog to discover the Mental Game of Golf techniques. You will learn all about the importance of the use of your Golf Mind to take control of your game.

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