miercuri, 9 noiembrie 2011

Mental Game of Golf and Sport Psychology Training - Learn the Mind in Golf

Imagine for a moment that you have decided (or are you?) to do some work with a Golf Mental Game Coach. Would you freely admit to anyone that you were working with a sport psychologist or are you worried that you may be perceived as mentally weak if you did admit to it? It is amazing that even in this day and age athletes still buy into many myths about sport psychology instead of embracing it as a phenomenal way to improve performance at any level no matter how tough you are already.
To believe that sport psychology is for people with weak mental games is probably the furthest thing from the truth. In fact I always wonder about the true toughness of an athlete who boasts about not needing mental training when you consider the best in the world embrace it wholeheartedly. The hall mark of a great athlete is one who can recognise where they can toughen up even more and is not concerned about what others think. They are willing to employ coaches in physical conditioning, bio-mechanics, health and nutrition and those studying the human mind and performance.
Athletes who are truly dedicated to becoming the best that they can become simply do not leave stones unturned and the very best performers in golf will nowadays freely admit that their mind and the way they use it around the course is the single biggest determiner of performance.
Some athletes may need to learn and work on their mental game more than others as a persons beliefs and values off the course; the way they habitually think in everyday life will have a complete and direct influence on the way they think on the golf course or any other field of play. Some people may have learned to think in ways that are more beneficial to enhancing performance but anyone who believes they know it all and their thinking is tough enough, is just mislead by their own ego. I can say this because just like the physical swing and its mechanics, the mental game will never be perfected. I can also feel safe in this statement because the best golfers in the world will freely admit that they have not perfected their thinking.
If you are mentally tough then you will have absolutely no worries about telling others that you are working even harder on your mental game to learn methods employed by the best in the world. If you are mentally weak you will not want to learn the mental game for fear of what others may think of you. If you are a serious competitor then you must learn the mental game of golf or you will very definitely never achieve your potential.
"I like competing against competitors who have big egos. They leave too many stones unturned for fear of what they will find of themselves under them. I watch them in their bravado, out there in the crowd, full of performance excuses, as I hold the trophy high and look forward to my next lesson."

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